Internship Program

Internship applications are closed for Fall 2019. 



The Plangere Writing Center at College Avenue Campus offers three sections of a 3-credit Internship combining experience tutoring in a writing center and classroom meetings for professional training, discussion and reflection. Undergraduates from all schools and majors who have an interest in reading, writing and helping others are encouraged to apply!  

PWC Interns receive hands-on practice the art of tutoring writing. In weekly class meetings, interns receive practical training, read and discuss texts on writing and tutoring, and reflect on internship experiences under the guidance of a Rutgers Writing Program instructor. Interns will consider diverse perspectives, learn new strategies for reading and revising, and develop professionalism. 

As a part of the course, PWC Interns tutor one unpaid 80-minute session per week, for ten weeks, scheduled according to their availability. Intern tutors may also choose to work additional paid sessions, 4-10 hours per week.


There is one application for applying for Livingston and Plangere Writing Centers Internships.

You may apply to more than one internship, but you only need to fill out one application.



Instructor – Mar Sidykh
01:355:395:03 [Index 04761] Fridays P2 (9:50-11:10) College Ave - Murray Hall 305


College Avenue Internship: WRITING AND PEER TUTORING

Instructor – Michael Monescalchi
01:355:395:06 [Index 12065] Tuesdays P4 (1:10-2:30) College Ave - Scott Hall 116

Instructor – Janna Liggan
01:355:395:07 [Index 12777]  Thursdays P5 (2:50-4:10) College Ave - Murray Hall 302


Livingston Internship: TUTORING INTERNSHIP

Instructor – Sara Perryman
01:355:395:08 [Index 14668] Thursdays P3 (12:00-1:20) Livingston - LSH B205


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You may apply to more than one internship, but you only need to fill out one application. The application will let check which internship(s) you are applying for.

***In addition to filling out the online application form, PLEASE SUBMIT A FIVE-PAGE ACADEMIC WRITING SAMPLE to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please label the file "YourLastName_YourFirstName_InternshipWritingSample" and insert  "[YourLastName] Tutoring Internship Writing Sample" as the subject line of your email. You MAY also submit a resume as an additional attachment with your writing sample (not required).

 Invitations to participate in PWC 3-credit internships will be given in an ongoing basis.

Center Hours

Office Hours

Mon - Thur: 9am - 7:30pm
Mon-Fri: 9am - 4:30pm


Fall 2019
Enrollment is open.
Tutoring begins 9/23.

Walk-In Hours
Mondays 3pm-7pm
Fridays 11:30am-4pm