About PCL

Plangere Culture Lab

The Plangere Writing Center and Culture Lab were established through an endowment by the late Jules L. Plangere, and the support of the Plangere Foundation.

The mission of the Plangere Culture Lab is to provide technical and pedagogical support for English department students, staff and faculty who are interested in pursuing coursework and research projects that are anchored in the interdisciplinary work of the digital humanities.  The PCL seeks to foster a genuinely collaborative environment that utilizes computational or digital technologies in a truly cross disciplinary manner, concentrating in areas such as publishing, teaching, or conducting research that can be undertaken by members of the English department community or groups that are affiliated with the English department.

The Culture Lab is committed to cultivating innovative ways to integrate new media and technology into the educational process.  Students enrolled in select Writing Program and Writers House courses or with pre-approved research projects can utilize the resources of the Culture Lab to work on meaningful composition projects.