About the Plangere Culture Lab

The Plangere Culture Lab (PCL) is a unique mix of dedicated digital spaces, dedicated computer programs for video, audio, and web-based editing, and digital recording equipment. The PCL, located on the third floor of Murray Hall, was established through an endowment by the late Jules L. Plangere, and the support of the Plangere Foundation. It is also host to the Plangere Writing Center, the writing center located on the College Avenue Campus. We provide pedagogical support for English Department students, faculty, and staff who are looking to develop digitally enabled creative, research, or compositionally-based projects. Whether you're editing a documentary video project, diving into a digital research project about subversive trends in the films of Charlie Chaplin, or writing an online guidebook for first-year students, the PCL is happy to assist.

In addition, the PCL specializes in exploring how digital technologies can be incorporated into new or existing English courses. We also provide support for projects that utilize introductory multimedia based programs and applications such as Audacity, online publishing platforms such as Wordpress, or more advanced editing programs such as Premier. The PCL welcomes inquiries from faculty interested in exploring potential course development or assignment/project redesign options, students undertaking creative or research-based projects with digital or multimedia aspects, or department staff looking to develop digitally-based projects or events for their professional or personal interests.

For further information about the PCL or to discuss a specific project, please contact Paul Bielecki, the Associate Director of the Plangere Culture Lab at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Space Reservations

Department faculty, staff, graduate students, and English-associated groups may apply to reserve Rooms 302 and 305 for department events and meetings using the form below.

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