About Tutoring:

How does tutoring work?

Students receive individualized and directed assistance to develop their reading and writing skills. The primary goal of the center is to move students towards independence in these skills. The tutor will help you learn to read closely, develop critical readings, revise your drafts, and correct your errors on your own. The tutor will not do the work for you, correct your paper, act as a proofreader or style-checker, and will not explain the readings to you. Rather, the tutor will work with you on your own paper to help you learn how to revise, complicate, and develop your own readings of texts. The tutor will also work with you to develop the skills necessary to determine and correct your own patterns of error.

About the Tutors:

Who are the tutors?

The tutors are a mix of advanced undergraduate and graduate students, Instructors, and Part-time Lecturers. All are highly skilled writers and have received intensive training that prepares them to engage students with care and rigor.)

Signing Up:

When can I sign up? What do I need to sign up?

The Rutgers Writing Centers are no longer accepting enrollments for the Fall 2023 semester.


Where is the Writing Center located?

Our physical locations can be found on Douglass, College Avenue, and Livingston campuses. Please see our 'Contact' page for more information


Do I get credit for coming to tutoring?

If you are a full-time undergraduate student, you will receive 1.5 E credits for tutoring. These credits are empty credits. This means they do not count towards graduation or get factored into your GPA. However, they are counted in the number of credits you carry for the semester overall and, thus, can assist you in maintaining full-time status. For example, if you are registered for 12 credits and sign up for tutoring at the Writing Centers, you will then be carrying 13.5 credits. These E credits will appear on your transcript as 355:096 and will be grade Pass/Fall based on your tutoring attendance.

University College students and part-time students do not receive E credits for the Writing Center unless they wish to pay for them. In this case, the student must inform the center of this wish at the time of sign-up.

There are no E credits during summer tutoring.

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