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Digital Writing Center 

This Summer, Rutgers has decided to hold most classes remotely. As a result, the Writing Centers will also host all tutoring sessions online through our Digital Writing Center. This system supports students during periods of remote instruction, but will continue even when face-to-face meetings are offered. All tutoring sessions are synchronous and held via Zoom.

How to Enroll 

Tutoring for Summer 2021 is OPEN.

Online tutoring is available on a rolling basis to any undergraduate student enrolled in a Writing Program class. Our primary goal is to provide engaged tutoring that will move students towards independent reading, writing, and thinking. Students work closely with the same tutor for one 60-minute session during their summer course. Students are initially scheduled for three sessions, but can request an extension when those first three weeks come to a close. Tutoring begins on Tuesday, June 8th and ends on Friday, August 6th. We do not offer walk-in tutoring at this time.


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