Internship Program



Tutoring Research Writing: Theory and Practice 355:395:05
A three (3)-credit internship for the Fall 2018 semester
Coordinator:  Jacqueline Loeb


Interns enrolled in Tutoring Research Writing: Theory and Practice will research and develop effective methods for tutoring students in upper-level research writing courses, including Research in the Disciplines, Scientific and Technical Writing, and Writing for Business and Professions. This 3-credit internship is comprised of two (2) weekly unpaid sessions tutoring students enrolled in a research-intensive course, and six to eight (6-8) seminar/training meetings spread over the semester. Tutoring sessions are assigned according to the intern's schedule and availability; seminar meetings take place Fridays period 4 (2:15 pm-3:35 pm) in the Douglass Writing Center. Interns may be requested to visit 201 and BTW classrooms to discuss Writing Center resources and provide Q&A to students and faculty.


Interns will draw on seminar trainings and workshops, interview assignments, and their own work as tutors in the Douglass Writing Center to address conceptual and practical challenges unique to research writers. Interns will learn to diagnose problems, conceptualize solutions, and generate original pedagogic materials to support research writers through all stages of a complex project. Interns will submit contributions to a working handbook, A Guide to Tutoring Research Writers.


Registration is by permission only. Ideal candidates will fulfill one or both of the following criteria:


Experience and a keen interest in research writing, evidenced by successful completion of Research in the Disciplines (English 201), Writing for Business and Professions (303), Scientific and Technical Writing (302), Grant Writing, or other research-oriented course across the humanities, sciences, or social sciences; experience or interest in tutoring and/or academic mentoring with a focus on writing or strategic research skills.


Those interested in registering should send resume and brief cover letter to: Jacqueline Loeb, Assistant Director, Rutgers Writing Program at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The letter should state relevant skills you bring to the Internship, and provide the name and contact information for one individual who can serve as a reference.


Deadline to apply is July 31, 2018, however earlier applications are strongly encouraged.

Center Hours

Fall Office Hours:

Fall 2019
Enrollment starts 9/16
Tutoring ends 12/6