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Absence Policy

In order to sign up, you must make a commitment to attend at least once a week. There is no such thing as an "excused" absence at the Center. You must attend four of your first five sessions. 

If you miss two out of your first five session, you will be dropped from the tutoring schedule and receive an Fail on your transcript for the Writing Center course (355:096).
After you have completed the first four sessions (five if you have an absence), you will receive a Pass on your transcript for the tutoring course (355:096). You may notify the Plangere Writing Center that you wish to cancel the rest of your session with no penalty.

If you wish to continue tutoring after you have received your “PASS”, you are still expected to attend every session. If you miss more than two sessions, the remainder of your sessions will be cancelled.

If you sign up later in the semester for 4 sessions, you are not allowed any absences. If you are absent you will be dropped from the tutoring schedule and receive an F in the Writing Center course (355:096) on your transcript.


What should I do if I have to miss a scheduled tutoring session?

There are no excused absences. If you are going to be absent, you should call the Writing Center as a courtesy so that your tutor can be informed. (Tutors are not paid when appointments are missed.)

We suggest that you make every attempt to attend all sessions. However, if you are unable to attend, please email the Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 848-932-1149 in advance. This notification is NOT an excuse for your absence, but a notification to your tutor that you will not be attending.

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