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Welcome to the Plangere Writing Center!

At The Plangere Writing Center on College Avenue Campus, undergraduate students strengthen reading, thinking, and writing skills with help from trained tutors in weekly tutoring sessions and a walk-in tutoring program.    

Rather than a proofreading or editing fit-it shop, Minimalist Writing Center Tutoring puts agency and revision in the hands of the writer. Instead of tutors editing a paper for a student, writers learn to revise for themselves with support from a tutor helping to address patterns of error. Tutors will engage writers in conversations about reading strategies, brainstorming, organization, responding to instructor feedback, and moving through the revision process.    

Walk-in services are useful on an as-needed basis for students who want an hour or less of help each week. Students who want to commit to more significant improvement on their writing skills by working with a tutor each week should enroll in our 1.5 credit tutoring program. Students in this program meet with a consistent tutor for five to ten weeks, for eighty minutes each week.      

While most students attending tutoring at The Plangere Writing Center are working on Writing Program classes, we welcome all undergraduate students to use our FREE services!


Enrollment for Spring 2018 Tutoring is CLOSED. 


Read about our commitment-based tutoring, which takes place during the fall and spring semesters.
Become a tutor at Plangere.


Applications for Fall 2018 internships are open.


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