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How to Enroll

Enrollment for Spring Tutoring opens Monday, January 29, 2018

During enrollment periods, you can enroll online or in person at our Center, located at 135 George Street, Room 101.

If you have any questions, please email the Douglass Writing Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (848) 932-8856.

Please read the following before proceeding to the Online Enrollment Form:

At Douglass Writing Center, students receive individualized and directed assistance to develop their reading and writing skills. The primary goal of the Center is to move students toward independence in these skills. At the Writing Center, you will meet once a week with a tutor who will work closely with you to improve your writing and address your assignments for your writing class. The goal is to help you learn to read closely, develop critical thoughts based on the readings, revise your drafts, and correct errors on your own.

At the Writing Center, the tutor will NOT "do" the work for you, "correct" your paper, or act as a proofreader or style-checker. Rather, the tutor WILL work with you to help you learn how to revise, complicate, and develop your readings of the texts. Thus, the most productive tutoring sessions are those for which you are prepared. Before each session, make sure you have completed and thought about the reading and assignment. If you are working on a rough draft, bring your instructor's and/or peers' comments.

                You MUST come to EVERY session with:

  1. Your textbook/course readings/research
  2. Your current assignment
  3. Rough and final drafts of papers (with teacher comments)
  4. An EXTRA COPY of the draft on which you are currently working
  5. All of your notes and materials from class

Although one of the primary activities at the Writing Center is working on drafts of papers, it is important to attend even on days when you do not have a rough draft or an assignment. Bring course readings/other course work with you on such days.

ABSENCE POLICY: In order to sign up, you must make a commitment to attend at least once a week for five consecutive weeks. If you sign up later in the semester, you may be scheduled for four or fewer sessions. If you are twenty minutes late you will be marked absent for the session. There is no such thing as an "excused" absence at the Center. If you miss TWO out of FIVE sessions or ANY out of FOUR OR FEWER sessions, you will be dropped from the Writing Center schedule.

***If you are registered for at least FOUR sessions and are dropped due to absences, as a full-time undergraduate student you will receive a "FAIL" grade on your transcript for the tutoring course (355:096). We suggest that you make every attempt to attend all sessions. However, if you are unable to attend, please notify the Center (848-932-8856) in advance. This notification is NOT an excuse for your absence, but a notification to your tutor that you will not be attending.

By completing and submitting the Enrollment Form, you are entering into a contract and committing to attend your sessions.  Please keep this in mind when entering your availability, and carefully consider your schedule, travel times to and from class, your course load each day, and days when papers are typically assigned and due. 

After completing either the Online or In-person Enrollment Form, please wait for an email confirmation of your session time before coming to your tutoring session.

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Center Hours

Spring Office Hours:

Spring 2018
Enrollment begins 1/29
Tutoring begins 2/5

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