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The Writing Centers provide tutoring for students enrolled in Writing Program classes. There are three Writing Centers: the Douglass/Cook Writing Center, located at 135 George Street; the Livingston Writing Center, located in the B-wing of Lucy Stone Hall; and the Plangere Writing Center, located on the third floor of Murray Hall. Only the Plangere Writing Center is open during the summer months. Tutoring sessions are scheduled for one eighty-minute class period per week for at least five weeks, and are available free of charge. Students are tutored in the full range of expository writing, from basic composition to advanced research, business, and scientific writing courses. The Writing Centers offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions to ensure access for University College and other working students.

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Plangere Writing Center
Telephone: (848) 932-1149

Livingston Writing Center
Telephone: (848) 445-4048

Douglass Writing Center
Telephone: (848) 932-8856